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Why invest your future In an obsolete investment portfolio as stocks, paper assets, mutual funds etc with uncertainties surrounding potential and certain dip in long term hold profit values?. I'm really stoked at this, especially with an average or retiring United States Citizen, putting all your life's work and retirement plans at the mercy of uncertain variations in asset values at stock exchanges, etc. Only to fall back to the aid of mortgages and more debts. This I've gathered from my long years of experience and interaction during Webinars and meetings. Why hire a financial advisor that will advice you to buy 1 Million dollar worth of assets despite the dip in values? With HOPE of an increase? C'mon Folks, A recall and change of plans is required. My advice?, instead of planning in uncertainty and wholesome chance of failure, play with the chance of two, winning despite the outcome of market values with feasible asset identification. The sophisticated investor will always diversify and ensure the safety of their future. The cryptosphere offers a better option despite it's volatile nature with an adept understanding of trends valuations in bitcoin and Altcoin trades/mining, CFDs, profitable airdrop token identification and valuations, ICO's, and API networking relative to modern trends as the velocity of money duly entails. Don't be a spectator in such a market that offers equal participation/opportunities. You should be getting more coins my friend

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