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Another day another flight ✈️ ... As I’m 30,000 feet up in the air, I’m here thinking and thinking and I figured something out.

In order for you to get to where you want in life you need to create goals for your self .
What kind of Goals??
Income goals. Meaning exactly how much money you want to make yearly, monthly, weekly, daily.
Once you accomplish 100k a year your goal is now to make 100k every quarter then every month then every week.
You shouldn’t be stuck in a system where you aren’t able to work towards something that is well worth it. You shouldn’t settle for anything other than everything you want to attain in life. Understand money is everything only broke people say it isn’t. You want to help more people and put more people on you need to make more money to be able to help more people to be able to donate in large amounts and actually make a difference.
Don’t ever listen to anybody who does not have what you want.

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