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forex trading key elements

A key element in trading is making sure you focus on the positives instead of getting too caught up on the negatives, “losses” in this case. ✅❌
* Language is so important, not only for trading but for general life, and using the right type of words will slowly start to make your brain subconsciously think a certain way. 🧠 ⠀
* If you just pause and think for a moment how many times have you said to yourself “I just can’t do it” or “this is too difficult”. We say these negative phrases on a daily basis without realising, our brains pick up on this and our actions are then reflected by our thoughts and phrases.
* At the beginning stages of your journey we do tend to learn a lot from our losses, so we don’t keep repeating the same mistakes. But after a period of time, that becomes counter productive. What I have found that pushed me, and many others in the community, through to consistency is to truly understand how to fully capitalise on a trade. That could be anything from timing your entry far more precisely, which gives you an increased risk to reward, to scaling into positions that you wouldn’t have originally realised were there. 📈
* To put that into perspective, learning how to capitalise fully is the difference between sometimes taking a trade from 3.5% to an 8% position. 📉
* If you make 3.5% in one trade then take two losses, you’ll only be net 1.5% but if you make 8% in one trade then take two losses you’ll be net 6%. If you’re up net 6% it’s highly unlikely you would over think those losses, but you might if you’re only up net 1.5% because you don’t fully capitalise on the trade.
* When we take a loss, the majority of the time we think we have done something wrong and don’t allow our minds to see it in terms of probability. Losses will always be part of the probability game but having your focus on becoming a highly skilled trader and taking full advantage of these positions will take care of your consistency as a side effect. 🦅
* Everyone has a different way of viewing the markets, this is something that has been huge for me and I hope it gives you guys and girls some perspective.
* ⠀
* * * Comment below your biggest breakthrough you have had. 👇

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