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The result of your last trade or last two trades or even several trades mean nothing for your next trade. Every trade is unique.  Anything can happen. To Trade successfully, you need to stop feeling the need to know what is going to happen next. The need for certainty in such an uncertain environment.
96% of the population that tries their hand at trading fall victim to the same thing. The typical trader goes through the exercise of convincing themselves that they’re right before they get into the trade because the alternative(being wrong) is simply unacceptable. But we easily accept being wrong at a coin toss game. Why then do you marry your trades and go through the most emotional pain when you lose?
In a coin toss game, we accept the results easily and without any pain. No fear of being wrong and we don’t feel the need to be right or to know what’s going to happen next. Because we believe in a random distribution between the sequence of heads and tails, our expectations are perfectly aligned with the reality of the situation. By this i mean, you would certainly like to be right and if you’re right, that’s a great deal. But if you are wrong, then you still don’t feel betrayed by the flip, because you know and accept that there are unknown variables of work that affect the outcome.
In trading Forex, one of two things can happen when you enter into trade, the market either trends up or down. In a coin toss, either heads or tails but why do you feel betrayed by the market? Why do you take the next trade wanting to make back the money you lost? Why do you feel such pain when you loss? Not the money, but having the market go against you, why the need to be right that we don’t apply when tossing a coin?
Please note; No amount of market analysis can help with this. You need to train the mind B. To the untrained eye, it may look like I’m throwing stones but really, I’m dropping gems. Just a deep reflection.
I will appreciate your view and perspectives on this very one...Good-luck

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