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How do I trade in Forex, and which are the best currency pairs?

Open an Account with Forex Broker

To trade forex, you need to first open an account with any forex broker example: OctaFX. After that you will receive an email to verify your email. Also, you will get important login credentials to login to dashboard and Mt4 login details., Please keep safe and remembered it .Verify your account by uploading Photo Id and Address proof. this process can be done maximum 24 hours after creation of your account. Download trading platform: MT4/Mt5  and then login it as per details received from broker.  Fund your account & Start Trading.

As soon as you open an account you need to learn about forex trading, such as what is candles and how its forms, technical indicators, technical analysis, fundamentals analysis and risk management to become smart and successful trader in your career.

Best Currency Pairs

All pairs are good for trading. Depends what type of trading you prefer.
There are huge amount of currency pairs, but most popular are majors.
EURUSD – is good for lazy intraday trading. This pair gives clear signals, but sometimes volatility is low. So in calm day, catching 30-50 pips is good.
GBPUSD – have good intraday volatility, and this pair like swinging. If you want to participate in the market whole day and catching more profit, this pair will give it. GBP will give you more time to worry about orders than EUR, but it can give more profit.
USDJPY and USDCAD – are almost same as EUR and GBP, it’s possible to trade it within a day and get profit, but I usually use these pairs for long-term trading, it gives very good signals on highest time-frames.
GBPJPY and EURJPY – are more aggressive and these pairs can give profit faster than majors. it’s good on scalping and volatility is higher.
EURGBP – good who like trading in corridors. It’s quite lazy currency pair for intraday trading, but 20-30 pips, trading in corridor, it gives.
Most of my trades I make on EURUSD, sometimes I trade GBPUSD, if I have time for monitoring 2 pairs. USDJPY and USDCAD for long-term trading, holding orders for weeks or months.
Actually, all pairs are same: chart is same, movement is same, signals are same. For example, today pair stay in corridor, tomorrow it will give trend; today it gives 30 pips, tomorrow 130 pips… and it happens with any pair. The difference is – name of the pair and price.
So choose any pair for trading, sit on it every day, trade it, and this pair will become your best friend for earning money.
About Trading:
Here is a quick and simple strategy that can bring you constant profit:
  1. open H1 chart and M5 chart on one currency pair.
  2. follow high and lows on H1 and open order on M5 chart when it draws a reversal pattern on the level.
  3. put stop-loss under/over the level you are trading and wait for opposite signal.
It is not difficult, but it brings profit in 80-90% situations..
There are no best or worst currency pairs :)
It’s all about you.. what exactly you want from trading :)
Let me show you something:
This is daily trading range for most popular currency pairs.
You can use this information in trading.. For example here we can see how many pips pair may go for whole day… For 
EUR/GBP it’s 100 pips
This means price can go 100 pips in one direction or it may go 50 pips up then 50 down so total 100 pips :)
Of course if there are political news like 
Brexit what can affect currency pair - it may go 
500 pips in one direction in single day.
So if you know all this information and use 
Money Management -> your money secured :) and you are making profit.
Good luck!
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