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How do we select the best forex broker in india?

To select the best Forex broker in India, you need to keep in mind of several factors. If your broker comes out on top on all the mentioned factors, then they can be considered as the best. These factors are arbitrary, so there is no way to rank and grade brokers mathematically. That being said, here are the factors that decide which broker you should select:

Regulation: This is the single most important factor that ensures the legitimacy of a broker. Any good Forex broker must be reliable and trustworthy. Traders will invest hundreds of dollars through their platform. Hence they must have some sort of regulation to ensure safety of trader’s funds. Example of Forex regulatory body include FCA.

Fees and commissions: The cost of conducting trades can vary from broker to broker. A good Forex broker will charge low fee compared to its competitors.

Minimum initial deposit: The initial deposit should be low enough to attract traders. New and beginner traders especially would feel comfortable to trade with a broker that charges a small deposit amount ($10).

Trading Platform: The best Forex brokers offer a stable web and mobile-based trading platform. It must have an intuitive user interface and be reliable in placing trades without any delay. So it is easy for traders to access their trades anytime and anywhere. Some brokers even offer proprietary trading platforms.

Ease of withdrawing and depositing: This is a huge factor to consider. Many brokers often have complicated terms and conditions that make it difficult for traders to withdraw their returns. Top brokers offer withdrawals within 24 hours or 2 hours.

Range of assets offered: As a trader, you would not want to be limited by the number of assets. Traders often look to diversify their portfolio and hence a good broker offers a wide range of trading assets.

This broker provides and fulfill all the above services and also working hard to give you as much as benefits to you in trading by reducing the lowest spreads in the world, no commission on deposits & withdrawals, local bank payment support, minimum deposits and withdrawals, contest and promotions tool are amazing and provide education materiel as well to you learn about Forex before entering into Forex trading.

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